Summer Viking

by Gomez Addams

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Recorded from August 8-November 12, 2011 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Cover art photograph "Circa 1900"


released January 2, 2012

All songs were written, performed and recorded by Gomez Addams
Thank you to Michael



all rights reserved


Gomez Addams Wyoming

Music for Europeans.

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Track Name: Summer Viking
summer viking. (ooh ah)
i've got the strangest feeling in my gut.
something tells me i'm gonna be.
you're gorgeous.
Track Name: Teacher
i teach history.
i dont like to ride elevators.
i want to go to europe.
drinks lots of coffee and eat ice cream.
i put a lot of reverb on my vocals so nobody can hear me.
if you want it come and get it. thats my proprosal.
if you know it- come on show it.
im really good at making friends and losing them.
i think way to much about presidents and old cinema.
if i could do anything id lay in my bed and do nothing.
if you like it come inside.
if youre happy dont blow it.
Track Name: Grow a Beard
if i had a beard then i would surely let it grow-
grow on me.
if you had a fear then you would surely let it go-
go on me.
if i had an idea then i would surely let it grow into a tree.
if you had some hope then you would surely let it blow to smithereens.
dont bite the hand that feeds.
me be gomez then you must be miss kailey.
lean on me.
all the bugs that hang out in the basement-
stare at me.
Track Name: Arlington
maybe it wasnt your fault.
lets take a walk up to arlington and put it to rest.
with all the dead up in arlington.
Track Name: I'm Not Sure If I Love or Hate Aaron Burr and Andrew Jackson
sometimes i think i only see the bad in me
then i think that im just like my dad.
point the gun and kill a very young man.
send the indians west to claim some land.
im not sure if i love or hate aaron burr and andrew jackson.
we're just waiting on someone to pick our fate.
is it better to stand up and just take-
everything that we have ever craved.
make some history in the worst way.
Track Name: Dug a Hole
dug a hole into the bright white snow-
away we go into this long tunnel.
might reach the otherside of the world-
if we make good time.
crawl on your side.
golly gee we made it to japan-
its 1945.
and were all gonna die.
i want to go back home.
i am sorry i made you climb down this hole.
Track Name: Big City
where do the years go?
which friends do i still know?
where am i going to?
dont bother with the truth.
saw a shadow in the sand.
chased it until i reached land.
now i dont wanna come down.
sometimes we forget where we come from.
Track Name: Long Division
hung out with the president.
he asked me to pay the debt.
i said sure.
whens it due?
our twenties fine?
do i pay you?
long division.
from equations.
show you how to spell my name.
so we walked to my bank
to check my savings.
didnt have enough.
not nearly enough.
he looked at me.
said times are tough.
Track Name: Ben & Tara
ben and tara walk through a field of rotting cars.
throw cement at the windows.
smash them in.
life has been kind to them-dont make a difference.
gonna go to some guys house- slit his throat.
ben and tara like to see others bleed.
and when the thrill is all gone they run home.
ben and tara.
terror of the town.
gonna take it all down now-now.
ben and tara fall asleep.
have some dreams.
Track Name: Carved Your Name In a Tree
carved your name in a tree-
but didnt sign it was from me.
one day i might run for office.
and what if my feelings change?
make your way to the lake to find your oh-my oh-our ohio.
i hope i dont get those yellow eyeballs.
the kind that make you die.
Track Name: Baseball Game
i just want to go to a baseball game in the middle of the summertime.
play guitar all through the humid nights.
my best friend says she loves me.
she likes me better when im singing.
i found a way to be the living kind.
dont be afraid of being real.
thats how most people really feel.
i think i feel like being in a state.
from bushwick to cleveland heights-
austin texas to la lights.
Track Name: Memorial
on a plane but afraid of heights.
hope we're going somewhere nice.
gonna tell everyone about this.
check out my confidence.
summertime but its cold as hell.
whats the point of wishing you well?
everyone is moving down-down to florida.
ive got my own set of principals.
isnt everything do or die?
its a fact of life.
friends of mine and vikings too-
lets get right and jump in the pool.
lay in the sun everyday.
check out my confidence.
sitting on the memorial in our nations capital.
leave me alone so i can stay with lincoln everyday.