Sheep's Clothing

by Gomez Addams

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Recorded from April 23-May 1, 2011.
Tracklisted in order of how the songs were written.


released May 2, 2011

Songs written and recorded by Gomez Addams.



all rights reserved


Gomez Addams Wyoming

Music for Europeans.

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Track Name: Sunny Home Video
Three can keep a secret if two are dead.
Wish I could remember every single word you said.
I am not responsible for you.
I am not responsible for the things you do.
Sunny home video plays on repeat.
Plays on me.
Lonely old video plays for the old man in his home.
Been a long time since we’ve talked.
It’s been a long time, should we walk?
All I remember is on a reel.
Don’t want to tell you what to feel.
Track Name: The Barbarian
When you try, break your bones
To a million pieces.
All you see is red on your hands.
Barbarian man.
All we’ve got is time to kill.
Blood will run around like a spill.
Run if you can.
Track Name: Mason Dixon
Little girl, do we have to hold your hand?
Do you only move on command?
The whole world would love to see you smile.
This could take a while…
Show some gosh darn control.
Take the high road.
How far would you go?
Mason Dixon.
I heard you talked to our Lord, Jesus Christ.
But somehow I doubt you heard him right.
Track Name: Darling
Darling, what’s the point of this nonsense?
Darling, what’s the point of all this silly talk?
Now you’re on your own for good.
Darling, I heard you found Jesus.
Darling, how is life in the light?
You’re never alone are you?
Track Name: Brother's Keeper
I remember the one who use to tuck me into bed.
I remember the one who that would hold my hand when I was sad.
I remember the one who would tell me things aren’t so bad.
Are you my brother’s keeper?
Are you him?
I resent the one who holds me in my place.
I respect the one who doesn’t regret what they’ve done.
I repent for the one who speaks me only truth.
I remember the one who made me what I am.
Are you sure?
Track Name: Family Bible
Boy you best learn your scripture,
Mom and dad didn’t raise no fool.
Everyone’s praying to a God these days.
Spare the rod and spoil the child.
Don’t go selling off the family bible.
Right your wrongs for a while.
Your last name bares a weight.
The weight no one ever wants to face.
Weight no one wants to face.
Track Name: A Wolf
The color red looks good on you.
Whether it’s blood doesn’t really matter.
Where’d you come from?
Someone said the East.
Can we be friends, and still be alone?
A wolf in sheep’s clothing is here to stay a while.
And it’s worse not knowing whether its grin is a smile.
If you are who say you really are
Then where did you those stigmata scars?
We all wanna be seen by those who are pretty.
Cuz in their eyes is where we want to be.
Track Name: Cement
I want you to tell me the truth.
All these stupid lies won’t keep me here by your side.
Don’t get your words on me, I don’t know where they’ve been.
Dare you to say something that you mean.
Cuz one day you will be old and alone.
Track Name: The Cottage
Fire on the lawn, bugs to your skin.
Waves leave you still, where you’ve always been.
Let’s take a walk in the palm of your hand.
Dizzy path helps you breath, cottage by the lake.
Sun at dawn always gets lost, the cottage by the lake.
Inside the TV’s on, some are asleep.
Summer heat battles through the week.
Sun in the tree, falling on us all.
Smoke in the air, where oughta be.
It’s calm at dawn all along the cottage by the lake.
Where friends get lost but keep their minds, the cottage by the lake.
Dogs in the grass, grass on your feet.
Turns to concrete, turn to seaweed.
July turns and brings the color of all things.
Where we were, the cottage by the lake.
Track Name: Used To
Been working in my head.
Won’t you sit down?
We can talk until we drown.
A common set of phrases, like “how’s life been?”
Don’t really matter cuz life ends.
What I want to know is, are you in love?
Cuz love makes work better, and the work is never done.
Been told for so long that I can make a difference.
What’s the difference when you’re gone?
Used to be children, and still we are.
Look a little older, feel a little beat.
Count it on your fingers, does it add up?
Do years actually get the work done?
A common set phrases, like “what’s going on?”
Don’t really matter when the work is never done.
What I want to know is, are you in love?
Cuz love makes work better when it’s done.